OLAS Core is a small, portable, wireless Man Overboard Alarm system for boats up to 50ft long and up to 15 crew. It triggers a loud, 85 decibel emergency alert within four seconds if there is a man overboard incident. Using wireless technology, OLAS Core creates a virtual lifeline by connecting each crew member wearing an OLAS transmitter, such as the OLAS tag wrist band or the small OLAS Float-On personal light, to the boat. In the event of a MOB situation its visual and audible alerts mean the crew can respond instantly. For single-handed sailors it can be set to solo mode, and automatically send an SMS message with the location and time of incident to the wearer’s emergency number.

OLAS Core: £118.80

OLAS Extender: £105.60

OLAS 4 pack: £175.20



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